Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Recap, Part I

Summer recap, where to begin? Eight weeks is a long time to be away, but then again it was so good to be back home with family and friends and needless to say that time flew. For starters, week one was spent in Geneva and was all about reconnecting with old friends and then some work too. Candice and I held our first Zojora Pop-Up Store event at her home. Response to our Zojora products was great, napkins and ikat sarongs from Bali were bestsellers. Very exciting for us to have our first Zojora clients and happy clients too. Thank you to all those who dropped by. Now that holidays are over, Candice and I are eager to complete our website, work on our Tumblr and Facebook page and most importantly source other Zojora products from accross the globe. Looks like this Fall will be all about new destinations. Can't wait. 
Happy to be back here, missed you.

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