Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Recap, Part III

Last part of our very long summer holidays: Provence
Top 5 things we enjoyed most whilst staying in Provence:
1. Reconnecting with friends and family. Thank you to all those who dropped by and hope you'll come back next summer.
2. Provencal food: tapenade, anchoiade, ratatouille, fresh tasty local produce topped off with our very own olive oil pressed at the Moulin du Calanquet and all masterfully executed by our favorite chef Nouna. Oh and let's not forget the rosé. Our favorite rosés of the summer were: Domaine de Valdition, Mas de la Dame and Château La Jeanette
3. Horse back riding for the kids at Le Poney Club le Rouget which included an epic camping experience.
4. Strolling through our favorite Provencal village: Saint Rémy de Provence and stopping off at our favorite haunts: Glacier Roma, La Maison de La Presse and Petit Duc
5. Tending to Lucky our 3 legged bunny who miraculously survived. Go Nurse Zoé!!!

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