Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 2013

Wishing you all a fab new year. 
For the holidays, we spent our time swishing down the slopes, eating copious amounts of cheese, long hours at the table with friends & family (so good to catch up with everyone), teaming up with my favorite Zojora partner, getting tattoos, our holiday favourites - Tattyoo and spending precious last days with Truffe. Truffe, you are dearly missed, rest in peace. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Strolling around Cochin

The view from my hotel room
The church where Vasco de Gama was once buried
The Chinese Fishing Nets
Colorful schoolgirls
Our preferred mode of transport
Portuguese Colonial vestiges
Loving this color
Early morning activity at the beach

Random photos from our trip to Kerala, first up Cochin. Needless to say it was incredibly beautiful and more importantly to me the kids loved the experience of traveling to India. I can't wait to go back very quickly with them and explore more of the country. I think next up could be Pondicherry, but in the meantime will share more of our trip in the coming days. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jakarta Madness

Accompanied hubby and brother-in-law on business trip to Jakarta at the beginning of the month. Had never been to Jakarta and probably will never go back unless I really have to. Spent 4 hours in a car the first day just to get from the airport to hotel and to lunch. Traffic is hell, no other way to describe it. People seem to live in their cars or in malls - really not my kind of city, no greenery, no sidewalks and lots of pollution. Granted we were there for only 48 hours and their must be more to this city than I saw but where I don't know. Tips? However, major fabric score at the local market, Tanah Abang, and do need to say the people of Jakarta were amazingly kind and welcoming.  Ok so Jakarta is done now tonight we're off to Cochin, India another new place for us and very, very excited to be going to India and to explore Kerala with the Zoros and hubby. Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Crazy for StickyGram

If you love your instagram pics than you'll love StickyGram.
StickyGram simply turns your pics into magnets.
One sheet of 9 photos costs USD 14.99.
Stick 'em everywhere. We have.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rawa, Perfect Weekend Escape

A little silent over here on zorogoeseast not for lack of doing fun things but have been busy over on the soon to be open Feel like I've been saying that forever, but one day it will be online. Have also been working or wasting many hours on social media: Facebook, tumblr, pinterest and haven't even gotten into twitter.  Then there are the Zoros to look after. 3 kids with homework every afternoon is pretty much my new daily nightmare. Besides all that, we did manage to get away to Rawa. Incredible road trip destination from Singapore. 2 1/2 hr drive to Mersing, Malaysia then 1/2 hr boat ride to Rawa island: easy. Once on the island there are only 2 hotels to choose from: Rawa Island Resort & Alang's Rawa. Book ahead. Stayed at the 1st one & it has kind of retro vacation club atmosphere. Rooms are clean, not great food but who cares when you have Rawa's beach at your feet. Oh and the scuba diving is so much fun - saw plenty of clown fish. Loved our wkd escapade but now off to finish more homework.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Recap, Part III

Last part of our very long summer holidays: Provence
Top 5 things we enjoyed most whilst staying in Provence:
1. Reconnecting with friends and family. Thank you to all those who dropped by and hope you'll come back next summer.
2. Provencal food: tapenade, anchoiade, ratatouille, fresh tasty local produce topped off with our very own olive oil pressed at the Moulin du Calanquet and all masterfully executed by our favorite chef Nouna. Oh and let's not forget the rosé. Our favorite rosés of the summer were: Domaine de Valdition, Mas de la Dame and Château La Jeanette
3. Horse back riding for the kids at Le Poney Club le Rouget which included an epic camping experience.
4. Strolling through our favorite Provencal village: Saint Rémy de Provence and stopping off at our favorite haunts: Glacier Roma, La Maison de La Presse and Petit Duc
5. Tending to Lucky our 3 legged bunny who miraculously survived. Go Nurse Zoé!!!