Friday, April 13, 2012

Bye Picnik

A couple more days and my favorite photo editor picnik will be gone forever. I'm hooked to picnik, so needless to say very sad to see it leave. I've never learned photoshop, so picnik was my easy photo editing solution. I could pretend - guess its time for me to learn. In the meantime, I've done one last picnik collage, basically a hodgepodge of pictures from the last couple weeks. Lots of golf, birthdays, visitors and some sightseeing. All good fun. 
If anyone out there knows of a good replacement for picnik please pass it on.


  1. Photoscape and Picasa.
    On both you can do collage and the most basic work on pictures.
    Luckely I never started with Picnik... Good luck for the futur, you will find something similaire, I am sure. Wish you a good weekend!

  2. Thanks Karin for the advice. Will check it out. Happy week to you