Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Up and Around Chinatown

Took a quick stroll around Chinatown this afternoon in search of buddhas and beads. I love getting lost and wandering around Singapore. Definitely one of my favorite aspects about living here is discovering all these very typical and different ethnic neighborhoods. In one day, I can "travel" from India to China via Malaysia and then back in my hood which is know here as "Little Paris" or the Goon for others.
PS. If like me you're in the search for beads & trinkets head to People's Park Centre, a treasure trove.


  1. Hi from BYW2 and from Switzerland! I thought I'd give you the link to a good blog who posts about Singapore as well: http://fellowfellow.com/, a very talented girl from Australia! Happy traveling and blogging!

  2. Hi Mary thanks for the tip. Just checked out your blog. Love the photos, incredible colors. Have a good wkd.