Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Up in Borneo

Made it to the top of Mount Kinabalu!!!
Going up was beautiful, well the vegetation was, although I did miss the monkey's cup, the not so beautiful part were the countless stairs, exhausting and painful those were. Spent a very short night in Pendant Hut before heading out at 2am for our summit climb. Sunrise at summit overlooking Borneo was incredible. Our climb down was another story, exhausting. Took us as long to get down as it did to get up, but in the end we all made it. Whew. Needless to say that 3 days later now I still scream whenever in sight of a flight of stairs. Should you want to go up here's the company we used http://www.x-trekkers.com/
Oh, and should you need to rest after your climb you can always check in at http://www.shangri-la.com/en/property/kotakinabalu/rasariaresort. Needless to say, that our 24hrs there were bliss.


  1. Trop cool! Et j'adore que tu as la même veste jaune qu'en haut du Kili!

  2. some things never go out style. think i can wear 10 yrs from now on the aconcagua?