Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Flying Pigeon

I first came across the Flying Pigeon,  on Jeffrey and Flora's blog Loved the retro look of the Flying Pigeon and loved it even more after reading up on its history. According to the Flying Pigeon website "Only one bicycle has earned the distinction of being the single most popular mechanized vehicle on the planet. That bike is The Flying Pigeon."  
 then I stumbled across this video and was smitten 

 so as of yesterday, I too am the proud owner of my very own Flying Pigeon.
Now all I have to do is find a name, love that Flora calls hers "The Pidge."
Have a lovely weekend. I'll be flying around town this weekend and I desperately need to teach Lil O how to ride his own bike, because that seat of his is definitely hindering my cool retro bike look or then again it could be the pants. Whatever as big Z would say. 


  1. Thanks for sharing a link and for linking to my blog!

    I absolutely love my FP. Love everything about it, from the retro style to the company's history. I am shipping it back to the US when we leave at the end of the month.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Hello there! I was wondering where i could get my hands on a flying pigeon bike here in Singapore, and around about how much it would cost me. Hope to hear from you soon (: Take care(:

  3. Hi, sorry for delayed response. I got my Flying Pigeon at 11 Syed Alwi Road on the ground floor of the Teck Heng Long Industrial Bldg. I think I paid SGD 280. They have men and women's versions and are super friendly.
    Hope that helps.