Thursday, January 12, 2012

Art Stage Singapore 2012

The second edition of Art Stage Singapore is on right now til this Sunday at Marina Bay Sands. My advice is definitely go see. Without doubt, my favorite aspect of this fair is getting to know more about the Asian art scene. The fair definitely has a strong Asian focus (there are a couple European galleries represented, but it's definitely a minority) and personally it's a whole roster of new galleries and artists for me to discover. This year one of my personal favorites is a collective of artists from Kuala Lumpur who recreated a studio photo from the 1960s - the attention to detail is unreal. The above painting is an auto-portrait of Thai artist, Navin Rawanchaikul, who created a mural specifically for Art Stage depicting the Who's Who of the Asia Art World. Visitors were definitely getting a kick out of recognizing themselves. I'm off tonight for a second round and will try to remember and learn more artist names, but when it comes to Asian names I'm pretty much hopeless.

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