Monday, November 22, 2010

Moma & Appa in Singapore

Moma and Appa came to visit and check up on us on their way back from their cruise. The kids love showing off their new favorite Singapore destinations and it was Zoe that wanted them to try our hawker center in Serangoon Garden. She had them taste her favorite fried dumplings and since Moma was sitting under a fan she didn't even complain too much about the heat!
Later on the same day, Oscar had his grandparents running all around the zoo to check out his favorite animals. Appa even had to go on an elephant ride. Then, our artist Rosie took them the next day to the Affordable Art Fair. No purchases were made, but did manage to get a couple of galleries contact details and hopefully soon we'll have something hanging on our bare walls. Anyway, we loved having Moma & Appa visit and hope they rest up before we all head out together on the ski slopes this Christmas.

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