Saturday, November 13, 2010


My poor little Rosie broke her wrist last night, result of a bad fall whilst playing with her sister, and now 6 weeks of an inflatable cast. I was sure she was just being her usual drama queen and that it was nothing more than a bruise. I actually tried to talk her out of going to the ER, seems that we drive there once every 10 days, but she was adamant about wanting to see a doctor. She was right. The good thing is that her wrist should be healed in time for skiing at Christmas. However, no swimming for a couple of weeks, big handicap here, as well as the fact that she has trouble holding a pen. As for me, I guess I have to learn to listen to my children, they know.


  1. Many kisses to the Super Strong girl!

  2. Oh poor Rosie..been there before, remember?! If it makes her feel any better, Sam knocked out his front tooth today...Super, huh?