Friday, October 26, 2012

Jakarta Madness

Accompanied hubby and brother-in-law on business trip to Jakarta at the beginning of the month. Had never been to Jakarta and probably will never go back unless I really have to. Spent 4 hours in a car the first day just to get from the airport to hotel and to lunch. Traffic is hell, no other way to describe it. People seem to live in their cars or in malls - really not my kind of city, no greenery, no sidewalks and lots of pollution. Granted we were there for only 48 hours and their must be more to this city than I saw but where I don't know. Tips? However, major fabric score at the local market, Tanah Abang, and do need to say the people of Jakarta were amazingly kind and welcoming.  Ok so Jakarta is done now tonight we're off to Cochin, India another new place for us and very, very excited to be going to India and to explore Kerala with the Zoros and hubby. Happy Halloween.

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