Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zai Jian Beijing

A couple tacky, touristy pics of our Beijing escapade, have not had time to download the rest. 

As for our impressions of our Beijing trip - Interesting, has been my hubby's favorite word since we've returned from our Beijing escapade. Anytime anyone asks him about any aspect of our trip he answers interesting. Kind of glad he went to see the sights, but not ready to go back very soon and very happy that he's living in this part of Asia. The kids thought the best part of the trip was anytime were weren't mobbed by thousands of other tourists, so rule out Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Zoé and Rose's highlight was walking along the Great Wall and Oscar remained true to himself and loved seeing the pandas at the zoo. As for our mandarin, we were hopeless. Completely lost. It's as if we had never taken a mandarin class. Needless to say that we will be retaking mandarin 101 next fall.

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